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Stuck in a Zero-G space cargo elevator, race to the Drop Pods by utilizing 6 degrees of freedom movement, your trusty grappling hook, and your powerful Gravity Orb ability with speed and precision to avoid the floating CARGO in your way and reach the Drop Pods as quickly as possible - your only chance of escape down to earth.

WASD - forward, backwards, left, right Control and Spacebar for upwards and downwards movement
Mouse - look and orient yourself around space, hold MMB to roll around instead of turning
Q and E - also manually roll you around in space
Left Mouse Button - Gravity Orb
Right Click - Grappling Hook

A and D - menu navigation
Enter - select menu options
Tab - options menu

The game was designed and built initially as a multiplayer experience, however, towards the end of the jam, we saw that the experience for others(not the host) was janky due to the amount of replicated physics objects.
Thus we decided to focus on the single-player time-attack gameplay.

Multiplayer is still in the build and if you want to give it a try, it uses steam so make sure that is running. The doors at the start won't automatically open in this mode, so when all the players have connected, move back a bit and go around in order to start the match. The timer also does not work in multiplayer.

We hope this explains the slight discord in the single-player gameplay, as the gravity orb was meant for multiplayer with its ability to pull both players and objects

Team members:

  • Aleksandar Radulov - general designer
  • Hristo Enchev - technical designer
  • Joan Tassov - environment/prop artist
  • Tervel Gueorguiev - environment/prop artist


DontShoutAtMe_CARGO.zip 592 MB


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Oculus HMD module crashes the game with Oculus server turned on, if that happens start with -nohmd option. Remember to disable VR plugins if you don't use VR :p (supposedly the disable by default in 4.24)

Hmm, thanks, we did not even touch anything related to VR, perhaps it is a 4.24 issue as we used that.


This could be very fun in multiplayer, zero G obstacle course sounds awesome!

We are glad you think so. Hopefully at some point in time we can deliver that experience.