A downloadable game for Windows

LIEbrary is a fast-paced party game which you can play with up to 7 other people (4 is recommended)! The game takes place in a library where reality is broken and nothing makes sense. In order to win the game you must eliminate your opponents by throwing items at them. Every player in the game is invisible. If they dont hold an object for more than 7 seconds, they will be revealed to others

Controls are 

WASD -Movement

Space - Jump

LMB - Pickup/Launch object

RMB - Drop grabbed object

TAB - Open Menu for Options/Joining and Hosting Lan sessions ( Public play is possible, but only via the console)

Console - F2

Install instructions

If pressing Tab, while in game, fails to join you into a hosted match by your mate(s), then you can manually connect to each other : the host has to type in the console Open Scale?listen, while the other players need to type in Open, followed by the IP of the host,the host can view their  local IP by typing ipconfig in Command Prompt, and send it to their friends, if you intend to play over a network, just use your public IP ( port 7777 does need to be open on the host's machine. Software for Virtual LAN should work as well.


LiebraryEMJ2018.7z 408 MB


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El juego se crashea al ejecutarlo, ni siquiera llegaron a la pantalla de inicio.

Hay alguna forma de arreglarlo?

Hey, are you able to provide more information about the crash? I don't experience the crash on my end with the build provided on itch. Try to install \LiebraryEMJ2018\Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us\UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe