A downloadable game for Windows

Recall is a strategical racing game inspired by the original TRON: Light Cycles arcade. You make your way through the level avoiding obstacles and hazards to fetch the objective and bring it to its drop-off point, but the largest threat comes from the player's own actions, and the trail they left in their wake.

The game is made to be played via a controller, but keyboard WASD is supported.

Press the R(Y) key, in case the menu is not responding.

The game has no audio

This game was developed by 8 students at Breda University of Applied Sciences, as part of their final first year project.


RECALL_Shipping64Build_Week9.zip 260 MB


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Am I getting some error that's causing a lack of audio? The game seems really cool, but the silence is deafening.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. The game unfortunately just has no audio :(

Ah, alright, I just wanted to check :) Great work on everything else!