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TimeChain is a game made within 48 hours by 5 students from Breda University of Applied Sciences. The game is an entry for the BrainsEden 2019 game jam, with the theme being "Chain Reaction"

The game is a Proof-of-concept/tech demo more than anything. It has an on boarding sequence and one main level.

You play as a small little engine, trying to get across the high-rise, you have a Quantum Drive, which allows you to record yourself, rewind and deploy all play-troughs simultaneously. This carefully, think strategically, remember your past actions and how they can influence your present and future ones.

Controls are the following:

WASD - Movement

LMB -  Hold to aim/ release to throw a grenade

RMB - Self-Destruct

R - Reset current level completely (deletes recordings)

T - Reset and load the tutorial

SPACE - Hold to activate SlowMotion (use it to time grenade jumps)



Ivo Dimitrov

Hristo Enchev

Level Design:

Georgi Simov


Tervel Gueorguiev

Joan Tassov


TimeChain_DontShoutAtMe_BUAS2019.zip 180 MB


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Nice Game 4/5 :)

Thanks for playing!
Glad you liked it :)